"Thank you Ms. Barbara.  You have taught us so much and I loved spending time with you in Art Club."  Kaelynne Caro
"I enjoyed my time in Art Club because I got to express feelings that I can't explain with words, and Ms Barbara is so supportive of that." Presli Jo Valdez, Belmont 2023 
"I loved my experience and I wish I could do it many more times."  Zeke
"I liked Art Club because it allowed me to use my imagination and hang out with my friends. And now I know all these things that I will use later in life."  Isabella C., Belmont 2023
"Overall I am Speechless!"  Everett Nazario, Belmont, 2019
"No comments, just keep doing what you are doing because you are a great teacher." Belmont 2023
"I think Art Club has really helped me realize what I can do with my At.  Mrs. Barbara was an amazing teacher.  I highly recommend this amazing Art Club."  Emma Sitler, Belmont, 2019

"Art Club is an awesome club that allows you to express your creation and imagination.  The teacher was nice, and she never let us give up."  Belmont, 2019

"I had an amazing time and would definitely go back.  The teacher as amazing, supportive and kind.  She also taught me to never give up on the things you love."  Emily S. Brunner, Belmont, 2019

"STRONGLY AWESOME"  Belmont, 2019

"I wish it was everyday.  I love this after school class and wish it didn't have to end."  Jayden Flures, Belmont, 2019

"I think that everyone should try it because it is very fun and encouraging to learn new things."  Erianna A., Belmont, 2019

"I wish I could stay forever."  Torrie Smith, Belmont, 2019

"I really enjoyed art club because it was fun. Also I really like Barbara. :3   :P  Viktorious Velasquez, Belmont, 2019  

"I had a lot of fun.  Thank you for showing me how to paint the proper way.  Before I came here I did not know as much as I do now."  Ella Greenwood, Belmont, 2018

"I love art club.  I am glad I did it.  I wish it was longer.  I will miss the paintings and most of all I will miss Mrs. Barbara."  Ava Andrada, Belmont, 2018
"It was fun to paint because we got to express ourselves."  Taya Gerling, Belment, 2018
"No comments, just keep doing what you're doing because you're a great teacher."  Belmont, 2018
"Art is something everyone can do, there are no mistakes.  Art is a flower, a peacock's feather, an illusion and a butterfly.  I love the art that Ms Barbara taught us and she is very creative.  She taught me how to enjoy art even more than I did."  Robert, Yeshia, Mackenzie 5th grade, Belmont, 2016
"Great instruction; Freedom to create; Ability to grow and expand at their own pace; Encouragement...this is Ms. Barbara" 2016
"Live, Love, Art...Life is Art-You are the World's Greatest Art Teacher"-Jayme T., Blake, Belmont, 2016
"You are super swag and taught me a lot."-Joey, Pleasant View Middle School, 2016  "
We greatly appreciated all of your knowledge but mostly the fun and unique art projects you had prepared for us."  Pleasant View Middle School, 2016.

"Thank you so much for all the time you give to do this!  It is one of the best things our kids get to do and it's all thanks to you!" Belmont Elementary, 2016

"Very fun and imaginative...really different and as fun as video games." Andrew Z.  Belmont,2015
"I love art with Ms. Barbara.  She made me improve so much and let me express myself in multiple ways."  Sarah, Belmont, 2015
"All of the paintings turned out very colorful and creative. I love the paintings we did with Ms Barbara."  Natalie, Belmont, 2015
"You are a great teacher, Ms Barbara.  I am so inspired by you."  Kaydin and Justina, Belmont, 2015
"Thank you for teaching me new kinds of painting.  And you also taught me that art is never wrong.  And that art comes from your heart."  Your Artist, Angie, Belmont, 2015
"I thank you for helping me learn and progress in art.  Also, for teaching me how art is a way to express yourself!" Jenna, Belmont 2015
"This was the beeeeeest!" -Gabriel, Belmont, 2015     
"The best experience ever!"-Ryan, Belmont, 2015
"I loved doing art with Barbara because it let me be myself."   Madisyn F., Arts Center, 2014 
"Painting with Ms. Barbara was the best class.  I have learned so many things from her.  She is very nice and makes learning easy for me.  I want to take her class forever.  She makes everything fun."  Arts Center Student, 2013
"It's really easy to learn from Ms. Barbara.  This was the greatest time of my life."  Arts Center Student, 2012
"Ms. Barbara is kind and respectful and good at teaching art."  Arts Center Student, 2012
"I love the circle meeting at the end because it let everyone share and comment." Belmont, 2022.
"I had a lot of fun.  Thank you for showing me how to paint the proper way.  Before I came here I did not know as much as I do now." Ella G. Belmont 2022